The age of consent can be an crucial distinction in instances involving the
solicitation of a minimal or other prices involving a small. Indiana has numerous legal guidelines pertaining
to the age of consent. Learn extra about these legal guidelines, and what is regarded
the age of consent in Indiana.

The Age of Consent

In Indiana, the age of consent is sixteen many years aged. At this age, a minimal can
legally consent to sexual exercise with an personal around the age of
18 without the need of getting considered statutory rape.

Romeo & Juliet Regulations

Indiana has a so-known as “Romeo and Juliet Regulation,” which lets
14 and fifteen calendar year-olds to engage in consensual sexual activity with a peer
who is no far more than 4 decades older than them. This is an crucial security
for young partners, who may possibly have an age gap of only a couple of several years.

Intercourse Crimes Involving Minors

Any one below the age of sixteen is unable to consent to sexual exercise with
any person over the age of 20. Any prohibited sexual get hold of with minors is
regarded a felony. Aggravating components, this kind of as the use of a lethal
weapon or pressure, producing really serious bodily injury, or utilizing day rape medicine,
can increase the severity of the prices to a Degree one or two felony, dependent
on the first charge

Youngster Molestation

If an specific is less than the age of 14, they are regarded a kid and
are not legally in a position to consent to sexual action. Any sexual exercise
with a child youthful than fourteen is regarded as kid molestation and is a
Level 3 felony offense. It can turn out to be a Level one felony if there are aggravating
things or the grownup was in excess of the age of 21.

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