The Philippine Embassy in Egypt, as well as the Filipino community in the area, has rendered assistance to the group in coordination with the travel agencies involved. #Sinaibuscrash
Ayala-led Manila Water Company (MWC) has secured a five-year P5 billion revolving term loan facility with BDO Unibank Inc. to bankroll additional projects. In a regulatory filing to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the water concessionaire said the agreement was signed Wednesday, 13 November. According to Jeric Sevilla, MWC head of corporate communications, the general-purpose…
A major fire ripped through Shuri castle on the southern island of Okinawa, spreading throughout the World Heritage site's complex.
Just $5,400 worth of beer was shipped to South Korea in September, the finance ministry said, compared to $7.2 million worth in September 2018. #tradewar #Japanbeerexports
SC junked the petition to allow same-sex marriage in the country “due to lack of standing, violating the hierarchy of courts and failure to raise an actual, judiciable controversy.”
De Lima was barred from granting media interviews during her furlough. #LeilaDeLima #furlough #MommyNorma #visitmother
And maybe the real youth can push for it through Cardema’s National Youth Commission.
Go urged trustworthy officials not to cover for the few, erring ones, or they could risk wasting the trust given to them by the Filipinos. #goSenatorGo #ninjacops #PNP #Senatehearing
Hurricane Dorian bore down on the US territory of Puerto Rico, where residents braced for a direct hit, the first since the island was ravaged two years ago by Hurricane Maria.
Gian said that Averille has been well and they are currently in touch with authorities. #AverilleCaridad