Peace and Gender: The invisible women of Timor-Leste


Peace and Gender is a podcast where we meet the people who dedicate their lives to help others, through action and research, in the field of gender, peace and security. 

Dr Sara Niner is an expert in the field of gender and development. She has spent her life trying to combat social and economic pressures that have emerged for women in the post-conflict environment of Timor-Leste.

Dr Niner became interested in Timor-Leste after discovering a tragic massacre raged while she travelled through the country as a backpacker. Brave journalists shone an international light on the atrocities being carried out and Dr Niner joined the fight to save the women who were left displaced and impoverished. 

Dr Sara Niner (centre) surrounded by a research team of women, in Timor-Leste. PHOTO: Sara Niner

Edited and Produced by ANDREA THIIS-EVENSEN

Graphic Design: SHAYLA RANCE