NYU professor who predicted Amazon-Whole Foods deal forecasts death of Tesla, 4 others


All hell broke loose
during the weekend when Scott Galloway, a professor who teaches marketing at
the NYU Stern School of Business and the author of Digital IQ Index, predicted that electric vehicle pioneer Tesla (NASDAQ:
) would vanish, or lose 80% of its value within the next 10 years.

Even as Tesla fanboys expressed their disapproval of this prediction pointing out a large number of variables, Galloway said the Elon Musk-led firm lacks the scale to operate in a low-margin segment. He feels that the company won’t be able to reach a delivery target, where it starts gaining profits.

Will Tesla stock continue to fall on tariff uncertainty
Photo Courtesy: Tesla

Notably, the prediction
comes a week after Tesla fell short of market expectations on vehicle

Galloway had earlier successfully predicted the merger of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Whole Foods, which finally happened in 2017. However, his prior prediction on Tesla, where he said the company would get acquired within 2019 after the stock falls below $100 per share, has not come true.  

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There are four more companies on Galloway’s death list – WeWork, which recently postponed its IPO over overvaluation concerns, Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT), which had a lackluster IPO, financial services firm Robinhood and the world’s third-largest hotel chain Oyo.

Further, he listed
10 unicorns as overvalued. These were Pinterest (NYSE: PINS),
Snap (NYSE:
), Twitter (NYSE: TWTR),
Peloton, Slack (NYSE: WORK),
DoorDash, Lime, Palantir, Uber (NYSE: UBER)
and Compass (NYSE: CODI).

Apart from being a professor, Galloway is also the founder of business intelligence firm L2 Inc, which was bought by Gartner in 2017.

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