Children injured in bus crash, Masterchef judge calls paramedics



Children were injured when their school bus veered off the road, slamming into a tree during peak hour in Malvern East this morning.

Masterchef Australia judge Gary Mehigan witnessed the crash and was the first to call emergency services to the scene.

The crash involved a Mount Scopus Memorial College bus, which was carrying students from grade four to year 12 to school.

Celebrity chef Gary Mehigan has been dubbed “an accidental hero” after he called emergency services to help the injured. PHOTO: Courtesy Channel 10

The crash happened just after 8am on Central Park Road.

Year eight student Mia said students were terrified.

“Suddenly there was a smash and all the windows on the left side just shattered, which was unlucky for me cause I was sitting on the left,” she said.

“I have cuts all over my legs.

“We thought the bus driver had a heart attack, we were so scared.”

All windows along the bus’s left side were smashed in the collision. PHOTO: Mai Gutman

Student Hila, also in year eight, said children were left in tears and “one girl even had a blood nose”.

Paramedics transported two of the children to hospital, along with the bus driver who collapsed on the kerb after he left the bus.

Around half a dozen more students were treated on scene for shock and minor cuts.

Management for celebrity chef Mr Mehigan dubbed him an “accidental hero”, but said he did not want to comment further on his role in summoning emergency services to the scene.

Mount Scopus Memorial College principal Rabbi James Kennard praised everyone who came to the students’ aid.

“Police and emergency services arrived very quickly and took very good care of the students,” Rabbi Kennard said.

“The students suffered no more than cuts and bruises from glass and are now all recovered from the shock and from the minor injuries.”

It’s not yet known what caused the crash.