Report: This One of Those Gyms With Every TV Tuned to Fox News


A gym in Greenville, South Carolina, apparently is one of those places where every television is tuned to Fox News, Dumb Runner has learned.

“Oh,” said a woman, who requested anonymity, when she walked in to the facility around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. “OK.”

According to the source the gym was nearly empty, meaning she had her choice of treadmills, which was good, but on the other hand, “every TV was tuned to Fox News.”

“It was,” she said, “you know…”

“Fox News.”

The woman said she considered asking a staff member to change the channel on at least one of the screens but didn’t.

“They were all watching Tucker Carlson,” she said. “Also they seemed a little irritable.”

The woman said she cut her workout short, collected her things, and backed slowly out the door.

“So much Fox News,” she said. “Wow.”